Glen Wakeman Talks about His New Role Helping Startups Succeed

Glen Wakeman is a 20-year veteran of GE Capital Holdings, who now specializes in helping entrepreneurs and startups obtain funding and reach profitability quickly. He started his career at the University of Scranton, where he majored in Business and Economics, and later earned an MBA from the University of Chicago’s highly-ranked Booth School. He is also a Certified Six Sigma Blackbelt. His final role at GE was CEO of GE Money Latin America, where he started and built up a multi-billion dollar international operation.


After leaving GE, Glen Wakeman continued his career as a financial executive, heading up Doral Bank, a Miami-based bank and mortgage lender, which Glen Wakeman later moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico ( As CEO, Wakeman was successful in expanding the bank from a primarily mortgage-based operation into a full-scale community bank. The company became a major player in the banking and insurance industries in Puerto Rico.


Since retiring from banking, Glen Wakeman has turned his attention to entrepreneurship. He currently heads up a startup accelerator called Nova Four. In addition to Nova Four, the busy financier helps new firms gain a competitive edge through his website, Launchpad Toolkit offers a SAAS-based business planning solution to new companies.


For Glen Wakeman, success is all about matching up the right ideas with the right planning. He got the idea for his concept because he was baffled by the failures of apparently bright and talented entrepreneurs. When he dug deeper, he found that many only had an idea, but lacked a cohesive business plan. His software seeks to remedy that problem.


According to Wakeman, one key habit that has brought him success in business is always questioning his value proposition (NewsSky). Glen Wakeman believes that an entrepreneur needs to constantly question whether they are selling the best product and whether the company’s customers are getting the best value for money possible.