The Family Way Of Doing Things At OSI Group

Truly happy employees at work are often a hallmark of a company that’s doing things the right way, and it certainly can be said of OSI Group, a meat company based in Chicago.

OSI Group has been one of the world’s fastest-growing meat suppliers over the last 30 years, and it’s one of the oldest companies whose roots go way back before it was a corporation. But unchanged through the years is how much the company leaders listen to their employees and find out how they can make their daily tasks better. Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group’s CEO certainly knows that without great employees OSI wouldn’t be what it is.

Otto Kolschowsky is the man who can be credited with starting this company. It was actually a small butcher shop that catered to neighborhood farmers and market managers back in 1909, and then nearly 40 years later was opening its own factories and logistics centers. It was Otto Kolschowsky’s sons who had become the owners by 1957 when Ray Kroc approached them with the proposal to make them the sole suppliers for his new restaurant franchise, McDonalds. In the next 20 years, Otto & Sons stayed strong thanks to McDonalds’s high demand for their meat, and it was in the early 1980s that McDonalds started going global and then that the Kolschowsky’s brought Sheldon Lavin to the team. In just a few years, Sheldon Lavin became CEO and OSI launched into Asia and Europe.

OSI Group’s specialties are packaged in breakfast boxes, raw beef and poultry for freezing, fish sticks and finished burgers and patties. Clients wanting special deliveries can contact OSI representatives directly to have their foods customized exactly how they want them. Every food product sold is sold through locals in every specific vicinity who are familiar with cultural and customary demands. OSI Group has helped many companies save their jobs by buying them when it seemed they were going to lose profits. They also have worked with environmental and safety groups to make sure every factory and piece of equipment operates safely and doesn’t emit dangerous toxins into the atmosphere.