End Citizens United Aims To Put An End To Corrupt Political Systems In America

It’s no secret that there has been a lot of political unrest in America, especially with the current state of politics that the country is facing. A lot of people are experiencing injustice inflicted upon them, and want to speak up about it with the hope that it can make a difference. But a lot of individuals in the country also believe that to have your voice heard, one must be wealthy and powerful. There is a mutual feeling among the common people of America, whereby they think they don’t have a say in the politics of the country and matters of governance. America functions as a democracy whereby the people of the nation have a right to speak up in issues of the policy and governing authorities. Even so, people felt like they could have their voices heard a little, up until the Supreme Court of America ruled for Citizen’s United in 2010.


2010 was the breakaway point where companies and people with a lot of money now had the ability to move money about freely into political parties without any question. Companies were now being treated as actual people because they were donating money to political campaigns and their candidates. This caused a veil to be drawn between the government and the citizens because the money that was invested could not be put into question. The rich and the powerful now began to seize this opportunity and exploit this ruling in some ways. For example, people started using political parties as money laundering systems, funneling their black money. Companies also began to invest into political parties for the sole purpose of tax evasion, or keep them in holds with these parties and take them back for another day. Another thing that started happening was asking for favors from political candidates, for the sole benefit of the company. For the purpose of obtaining more funds, and to cement their position in political systems, these events started occurring more and more. The wealthy and powerful suddenly began to want positions in the government and would invest into parties if that desire was met.


To put an end to all the corruption in the political systems, End Citizens United was formed. The organization came into being when a few like-minded individuals came together and decided that it was necessary to re-establish transparency in politics and get back the feeling of living in a democracy and having one’s voice heard. End Citizens United started to receive an excellent response and has already raised over 4 million in efforts to re-elect individual members of the office and to substitute them with people who are qualified. The organization is Democratic and is working towards helping the Democratic Party once again gain control of the government in the 2018 elections.