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How Ross Levinsohn Helped Rebuild Sports Illustrated

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has spent his professional career helping brands of all sizes find their place in the 21st century economic landscape. His career started to take off when he joined Fox Interactive Media in 2000. After spending six years there, he would enjoy stints with Yahoo, Guggenheim Digital Media and Tribune Media. Today, Levinsohn serves as the CEO of Maven and Sports Illustrated.

Levinsohn Likes Sports and History

During interviews given to various news outlets, Levinsohn has admitted to being a sports fan and a history buff. This is why he jumped at the chance to work for Sports Illustrated when they offered him an opportunity to lead the publication. Throughout the 20th century, the magazine was the top source for news among sports fans.

However, that was not the case when Levinsohn took over. To help the publication regain its status as a quality publication, he decided to recommit to creating quality content that people would read more than once. The existing editorial staff was fired and replaced by the magazine’s top writers. In turn, those individuals were replaced with traditional journalists who had the ability to create interesting stories.

Maven Has Put a 21st Century Spin on Publishing

Although it’s still a relatively new company, Maven has become one of the largest publishers in the United States. In addition to publishing tools, it offers brands the resources it needs to distribute and promote its content. The company currently works with more than 300 publications of various sizes such as Sports Illustrated, and Maxim.

Ross Levinsohn was hired by the company in August 2020 after its founder abruptly decided to step away from his role as CEO. Leaders within the organization cited his work with Sports Illustrated as one of the key reasons why he was given the position.