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Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Dedication to Success Realization at Horizon Telecom

Haroldo Jacobovicz is the chairman and founder of several communication firms and has established a career dedicated to enhancing the relevant technologies globally. Jacobovicz’s leadership is evident because he founded and chairs Horizons Datacenter, Horizon Telecom, and is now the e-Governe Group’s CEO. From a tender age, Haroldo was exposed to technology and realized the opportunity it offers to entrepreneurship.

In 1982 Haroldo launched Microsystem with some three allies in college, and this venture improved other businesses through simplified inventory management, However, Microsystem did not live up to expectations, but Haroldo and the company learned some interesting lessons and realized that they could exploit the information technology and computing industry in the future.

Later, Haroldo Jacobovicz worked for ExxonMobil where he rose through to the top to become a market evaluator. He also headed the commercial approaches of the new venture established out of Rio de Janeiro. Haroldo did financial assessment duties in other investments like a power generation joint called Itaipu Binational co-founded by the Argentine and Brazilian governments.

In 1990, Haroldo Jacobovicz launched e-Governe, and twenty years later founded Horizons Telecom. Currently, these companies have a unique and transformative power on people’s daily lives in Brazil.

Horizons Telecom is among the most revered ventures in Brazil boasting of 100% fiber network, top-notch quality equipment, and multipoint redundancy for all the clients. After realizing massive success in the technology industry, Haroldo Jacobovicz opened Horizons Datacenter to provide cloud computing services in the whole country. Jacobovicz’s parents were civil engineers, his mother being the first female in this field in the region.

Haroldo’s father also worked as a university professor handling civil engineering. Jacobovicz drew massive inspiration from the parent watching them develop physical structures and create valuable resources. Therefore, Jacobovicz decided to follow in these footsteps to study civil engineering at Parana’s Federal University.