Haroldo Jacobovicz, Technology

Haroldo Jacobovicz Skillfully Engineering His Way in the Commercial World

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Haroldo Jacobovicz developed an interest in technology from a tender age. His childhood greatly inspired his passion for investing in the technology industry. While growing up, he picked a lot from his parents, who were both engineers. Watching his parents build structures from nothing motivated him to set up his own company. This dream was first realized in college, where he set up his first business, Microsystem. This business was, however, not very successful. Despite its failure, it is equipped with skills that have helped Haroldo Jacobovicz navigate the current commercial world.

In 2010, Haroldo Jacobovicz curiosity in the technology sector led to his founding of Horizons Telecom. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he presumes in the significance of working with a team of professionals. He has therefore surrounded himself with a team of technological experts. Moreover, the businessman has formed a great company culture, motivating employees to give their best level. This, alongside his leadership skills, has seen Horizon Telecom rise to greater heights in the technological sector. This company currently boasts of being one of the most valued telecom organizations in Brazil. Haroldo Jacobovicz attributes his tremendous success to his unrivaled passion for information technology.

Horizon Telecom, for instance, works to provide telecom services to regions that lack access to these services. In addition to that, it also provides security software to its customers, protecting them from cyberattacks. This entrepreneur gets thrilled from seeing his business improve people’s living standards. His vision of a better technological world drives him to provide more integrated services to his esteemed customers. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s company currently provides voice solutions, data services, and backup support. His determination and hard work are an inspiration to many upcoming entrepreneurs. Furthermore, this exceptional businessperson looks forward to leaving behind a legacy in the commercial world to know more [email protected]Empresa de telecomunicações e tecnologia inova no atendimento sem call center