Gordonstoun origin of Edinburg’s Award

Dr. Kurt Hahn, the founder of Gordonstoun, one of the top co-educational schools in Elgin, Scotland, is also known for playing a part in being the driving force behind the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

With the help of Prince Philip, the award was formed and developed at Gordonstoun.

The award has benefited the young people of Elgin in Scotland and the whole world as well.

Hahn first launched Gordonstoun in 1934 after getting financial backup and sponsorship from affluent families within the community.

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Their main plan was to establish a British Salem School.

The school’s famous reputation of focusing on students’ character development is accompanied by a wide range of academic curricula constantly spread across Scotland.

Presently, Gordonstoun sits on 200 acres and more of wooden land, with hundreds of students who enjoy several student outdoor activities and lessons.

The idea of the national Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was born from the Moray Badge.

A Moray Badge was a badge awarded to students who completed several projects like fitness exercises, expeditions, and rescue services. It was used as a motivation to the students that showed great self-improvement.

Prince Philip was among the students who were first awarded the Moray Badge while still studying at Gordonstoun.

A few years later, Hahn and his former student, Prince Philip, came together with a better national motivation award for all the young people globally, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.


In 1955 Prince Philip, the British Minister of Education, and some national voluntary youth organizations came together to discuss the layout of the Duke of Edinburgh Award pilot program.

Later, the program was launched in 1956 as a royal charter corporation led by Sir John Hunt.

The launch was a blessing to the program; it attracted new members like the British Army, the Navy, local education authorities, Air Force, some UK independent and grammar schools.

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