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Financial Expert, Dr. Jeffrey Harris Speaks at U.S. House Committee's Meeting

Former Chief Economist of the SEC and Online Trading Academy (OTA), Dr. Jeffrey Harris, expressed his concern over the limited education available to retail traders and investors while speaking at the United State’s House Committee on Financial Services meeting. The topic was called “Game Stopped? Who Wins and Loses When Short Sellers, Social Media, and Retail Investors Collide?”

After attending OTA’s virtual classes, their Extended Learning Track online sessions, and the educational platform, CLIK, Dr. Harris ascertained that retail traders and investors education was somewhat limited in regards to risk management while trading and investing. He was impressed by all aspects of OTA’s online educational platforms including, CLIK. He reviewed the material and shared his passion as a financial expert, supporting students who are eager to learn more about trading and investing.

Dr. Jeffrey Harris shared his thoughts about CLIK, saying that this online learning platform allows traders to have the opportunity to practice trading in order to better prepare them for a future in trading and investing, not only for a career, but as a life long skill in their personal finances as well. He discussed CLIK’s strategy of the importance of reward to risk ratios, monitoring their personal trading and investment risks, and the ability to score the trading opportunities available to them, all the while putting into practice what they have learned.

OTA is a leader in financial education with 24 years of experience located in Irvine, CA. Dr. Jeffrey Harris, is the Chief Economy and Division Director for the Division of Economy and Risk Analysis at the United States Security and Exchange Committee. He was formerly the Chief Economist of the SEC and Online Trading Academy (OTA).

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