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Facts about Randall Nardone the CEO of Fortress Investment Group

Following the announcement that the chief executive of Fortress Investment had taken a leave of absence, the company named Randal Nardone to the position of CEO immediately. This followed his previous experience as a prudent manager at the various organization. He was a managing director at the giant Swiss bank UBS. Previously Randall served at BlackRock as a principal finance manager as well as an executive committee of Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm.

Instead of pursuing his career as a lawyer, Nardone chose to venture into the financial world, where he prospered gaining the status of a billionaire. While working at the fortress, Randall was named at position 557 in the Forbes list of billionaires. This was made possible by his hard work as an executive staff at the company, his salary together with other personal investments are speculated to have made him a billionaire.

Randal Nardone can be articulated as skillful and has played a significant role in the Fortress firm as a co-founder. His style of leadership is focused on the significance of teamwork by encouraging employees to embrace the spirit of collaboration to achieve the goals of the organization. At the time when the Japanese SoftBank acquired the company, Randal Nardone was a market leader in the finance world. SoftBank bought Fortress at $3.3 million with the aim of the company operating along the Japanese company, which is a technology security fund. SoftBank will wholly own Fortress Investment Group while paying the New York-based company $8.08 in shares with a 39% premium to the company and more

Randal Nardone agreed to the acquisition, and he articulated that will be an opportunity for Fortress to grow into a giant in the financial world. Furthermore, he will continue to head the company from its headquarters in New York. Collaborating with SoftBank would mean that the company will be exposed to the technology world and thus would be able to diversify its operations. Therefore, Randall is open and encourages the acquisition of the company by SoftBank.