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Edgard Corona and his Astonishing Fitness Success

Edgard Corona is famous as a businessman in the Brazilian area, as well as South America, and even in other places as well. Part of the reason for this is due to his fitness businesses, including SmartFit and Bio Ritmo.

Bio Ritmo came first when Edgard Corona was first starting to branch out beyond his parents’ sugar business. He looked around and noticed that there were few local gyms in the area where he lived. So, he decided this was a need that he could fill. Even though he had no experience in the fitness sector whatsoever, Edgard Corona decided to start his first gym, the one from Bio. He did quite well there, due to a combination of being able to addict and a willingness to work hard, according to him.

After that, he decided at one point to open another fitness business, called SmartFit. His idea for this one was to make it more relatable and down to Earth, copying the model from Planet Fitness in the U.S. Region. Except, he did have one idea about how to make this model even better. Plante Fitness had a number of fitness instructors working as part of that gym’s model. What Mr. Corona decided to do, was swap out some of these instructors for just televisions set in front of the equipment.

These televisions would run instructional videos for what you can do to get fit. This way, each customer will have their instruction on what to do, without needing to pay a lot of extra money to more staff members. As a result, the overhead for the business went way down, and these gyms became very successful, using a tone of learning and instruction to help its customers move along in their quest to become fitter and fitter over time. to know more click here.