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Dissecting the Career of Haroldo Jacobovicz

Haroldo Jacobovicz is widely known in Brazil for his entrepreneurial prowess. Besides being a civil engineer, he is also passionate about the IT sector.

He has founded different organizations throughout his entrepreneurial career, including Horizons Datacenter, Horizons Telecom, and e-Governe Group. The main reason why Haroldo developed each of these firms is because he wanted to bring together top talent and strategic resources.

The firms founded by Haroldo Jacobovicz have had a significant impact on the public and private sectors. For instance, Horizons Telecom has multi-point redundancy and a 100 percent fiber network. The company is also making use of advanced equipment.

In the past decade, Horizons Telecom has grown, and the firm has turned out to be one of the respected telecommunication suppliers in Brazil. In 2020, Haroldo Jacobovicz was happy to launch Horizons Datacenter. The corporation would serve as an extension to Horizons Telecom, and it would bring about more connectivity and cloud capabilities to organizations throughout Brazil.

About Haroldo Jacobovicz

Haroldo was inspired to become a civil engineer since his parents were also engineers. He would see his parents creating value through their profession, and he was inspired to do the same. Currently, he creates value through his IT firms, including Horizons Telecom.

Besides completing his undergraduate studies and graduating with honors as a civil engineer, Haroldo felt the need to venture into entrepreneurship. By doing so, he has managed to impact the lives of many people throughout Brazil positively.


From Haroldo Jacobovicz, we learn about the importance of innovation and determination. For starters, he aspired to become a civil engineer since he was a boy. He managed to attain that goal. Later on, Haroldo went ahead to gain an interest in entrepreneurship, and he ensured his goals have been actualized. As an investor, Haroldo has made some significant changes throughout Brazil since he can implement innovative IT solutions through Horizons Telecom.