DFINITY USA Steps Closer to Blockchain Optimization

DFINITY USABlockchain singularity may seem like a distant dream for some, but it is a daily goal for the crew at DFINITY USA. This hardworking team works under the premise that singularity is essential for the complete optimization of blockchain technology. This level of optimization could produce exceptional improvements to the way smaller economies and societies interact on a larger scale. By doing so, blockchain has incredible potential for world-changing outcomes. Unfortunately, blockchain platforms used today are riddled with problems. These include minimal security protections, slow processing speeds and more. Together, they create a fractured system that fails to live up to blockchain’s full capabilities. DFINITY USA’s work has been centered around the Internet Computer, which is a different and improved blockchain system.

When you initially compare the Internet Computer to other in-use platforms, you will see that it differs through its use of a tailor-made design language. The Mokoto language functions perfectly with both blockchain and cryptocurrency smart contracts. Because of the Mokoto language, the Internet Computer processes cryptocurrency transactions more sleekly than other systems do. Notably, this is not the only difference that the Mokoto language supports. Its beneficial capabilities extend to producing automated memory messages and enabling orthogonal persistence.

DFINITY USABecause the DFINITY USA team has designed the Internet Computer to be an improvement over other systems, it utilizes Chain Key cryptography. Such encryption permits the Internet Computer to interact with most smart devices. The Network Nervous System is another top-rated feature in the Internet Computer. Through its design, it permits liquid democracy. In addition, the Network Nervous System’s node-based design enables developers to execute updates more efficiently.

Investors jumped behind the Internet Computer several years ago with contributions in excess of $100 million. Support for DFINITY USA’s work also comes from cryptocurrency users, computer engineers, node service providers, blockchain believers and other specific groups.