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David Azzato’s Tips to London Entrepreneurs: Choosing the Best Team Members for Your Startup

Every entrepreneur will attest that starting a business from scratch is not a walk in the park. When you invest in a start-up, bear in mind that it isn’t easy to run it on your own. You need to work with some other people so that your start-up can grow. Being the founding principle of the company, you may decide to take the administrative roles but you also need other people to help in other departments. So, how do you decide who to work with or who is best suited for your business? This is the main reason we decided to bring this up—to share with you the main tips from David Azzato, an angel entrepreneur and investor based in London. Read on to understand the main tips on how to choose an exemplary team for your new startup. Learn more

What are the Main Things to Consider when Choosing Your Team Members?

First and foremost, start with your cofounders. For your startup business to grow as expected, be keen to go with cofounders who possess skills in line with what your company is planning to take. For instance, if you want to set up a company that will be providing medical services to your clients, you have to choose at least one of your members with some medical background.

But remember, experience is also key—there’re a lot of individuals who are highly knowledgeable and skilled in areas that they didn’t study. You can take on those individuals as part of your team as they are also as helpful in the growth of your startup.

According to David Azzato, a combination of confidence and skill results in an unconquered army that can help scale your business to great heights within the shortest period.

Choose Personalities Wisely

When you are starting a business, you are the one who will be mostly interacting with your team members. So, it is highly advisable to look at the personalities of the individuals who you are recruiting into your company wisely. This is because, if you have one of the team members with contradicting personalities, you will face some rough moments during decision making. In turn, it can derail your company’s progress.

Sometimes you might be forced to incorporate your family members or friends into your business, but Mr. David advises that you take your time to study their personalities before you invite them. After all, it isn’t about your personal interest but your organizations’.


David Azzato believes that leadership is vital to the business when it’s managed from the top. You as the top leader should always be leading by example. Always encourage your juniors to come up with new ideas and innovations by rewarding them on the same. This will easily play to your advantage as the employees will start feeling part of the organization.

Consistently reward your staff on their performance results while encouraging positive results. More importantly, Azzato advises that you should encourage employees to share their innovations but discourages too many stringent rules that may hinder decision-making. Connect: