Chip Rosenbloom’s Role In Bronco Billy Musical Film

Chip Rosenbloom is an established and prolific director, producer, and screenwriter. He serves as an ambassador of the USC Thornton School of Music that has a built reputation of mentoring students aspiring to join the arts industry.

Throughout his career, Rosenbloom has been involved in a countless award-winning big screen and small screen projects. His latest release is the Bronco Billy film, a musical art project directed by Hunter Bird in the 1980s but produced years later.

The film composed by Chip Rosenbloom, Clint Eastwood, and John Torres features the story of a cowboy named Billy who is committed to achieving his business goals despite the struggles he faces along the journey. Since its premiere in 2019, the show has attracted thousands of viewers as the story captures real-life experiences captured with humor.

Billy passes through challenging moments trying to market his Wild West Production business that has been in existence for the past five years but with a small audience. He keeps n motivating his employees to keep working hard with the hopes that things will overturn one day. Some of his employees include a thief, a bank teller, and a former nurse.

Retaining its original story, the film also touches on Billy’s love story that has been adversely affected by the struggling business. Billy falls in love with a Manhattan woman, Antoinette, who works at a chocolate bar company. The two lovers met at a gas station where Billy made the first move. Billy employs Antoinette at his Wild West Production Show as the assistant, where she continued to live with him while trying to hide from assassins after her life.