Caribou Coffee Appoints Erin Newkirk as Brand Strategy Manager

Caribou Erin Newkirk is the vice president and the leader of international brand strategy at Caribou. She tried her passion for entrepreneurship through the invention of this venture. Most recently, Caribou brought Erin Newkirk on board in a senior executive position. She has over twenty years of experience dealing with brand management and marketing. Aside from this, Erin Newkirk is an effective strategist and successful entrepreneur to one of the most profound coffee chains in the nation.

During an interview, Erin Newkirk noted that the company was experiencing a fulfilling phase. Right from the bottom to the top people in the company, the coffee chain was thriving. Erin Newkirk noted that the positive outlook comes from the continuous pursuit of the company to achieve its mission. Caribou aims at creating everyday experiences that cause a chain of positive reactions. As a brand manager, Erin Newkirk kicked off her career working at General Mills.

This was after she got her postgraduate degree in business administration from the Indiana University Kelley Business School. Erin Newkirk established a mobile app for correspondents named Red Stamp in 2007. The app has two million users, and in 2013, Taylor Corporation acquired Red Stamp. Even after the acquisition, Erin Newkirk went on to serve as CEO of Red Stamp until 2016.

She recalled working for long hours at the first coffeehouse of Caribou in several locations, including Edina. Erin Newkirk has served as the chief marketing officer at Bright Health, which is a health insurance firm in Minneapolis. She has acted as an advisor to Local Crate, a meal-kit firm and in the recent past, launched a consultant company for startups known as Satya.


A Brief History

According to a statement from John Butcher, Caribou is a company that can improve lives and disrupts the entire industry. John Butcher is the chief executive officer and president of the coffee chain. He acknowledged the input of Erin Newkirk in the venture. John Butcher went on to add that the company was lucky to have a leader who had already embraced the company culture and believes in the values of the business.