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Alejandro Betancourt Zeal to Invest and Grow Multiple Businesses

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a Brazilian entrepreneur with major investments and leadership roles in various companies. He graduated from Suffolk University, earning a double degree, majoring in economics, and a minor in business administration, and specializing in international trade.

Alejandro Betancourt has extensive knowledge and investments in the oil and gas industry. He has invested in Pacific Exploration and Production, a company involved in energy exploration and production. The company serves markets such as Brazil. Peru, Colombia, Guyana, and Belize. Betancourt was on the company’s board as a director, and his role included driving its expansion to other markets in the Americas.

At one time, Betancourt worked with ICC-OEOC, a North American company, as its the Director of Trade for Latin America. He was also hired as the Executive Trader in the UK delegation of the same company. In this role, he helped liaise with the business’s clients in Latin America. He also worked as an executive director of BGB energy in 2004, which is part of Kawasaki Heavy Industry affiliates.

Alejandro Betancourt is the founder of the O’Hare Administration Co, a global asset management company with investments across different sectors. Recently, the company invested in Hawkers, a Spanish fashion and technology company. Alejandro is a significant shareholder of Hawker, contributing 50% of its capital and focusing on expanding the brand and forming strategic relationships.

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s investments in other businesses include the BDK group in Dakar, Senegal, where he has invested heavily toward expanding banking services in Africa. In 2018, he invested in the Job and Talent Company and helped raise over $10 million for the brand.

Job and Talent provide digital staffing services to employers and employees. In 2017, Betancourt became a significant investor in the Easy Payment Gateway Company, making him part of the board and advisor to the company. The company offers data enrichment, conversion, and online payment services to businesses with online stores.

Besides investing in various sectors, Alejandro Betancourt also participates in community programs. In education, he provides free learning kits to learners in Bolivar and has helped construct learning and sports facilities at Carmen Salles school. He has also partnered with higher education institutions, such as Simon Bolivar University, to promote educational initiatives such as developing training courses.