Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, Business Leader

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: The brains behind Hawkers’ Success

Hawker is an online enterprise that deals with high-quality and affordable sunglasses. It was first established in 2014 in Saldum, Spain. The company’s sunglasses have been a success and are worn by celebrities worldwide. The company, however, was not doing so well since its establishment and was on the verge of collapse until 2016, when Alejandro Betancourt Lopez entered the scene and reorganized the whole management.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the current president of Hawkers. He took the reins in 2018 when he became the major shareholder after investing more than 20 million dollars in the company, acquiring control of more than 50 percent financial stake. His strategic thinking and unique leadership have spearheaded the company’s growth at an extraordinary speed. Thanks to Alejandro Betancourt, Hawkers is now a force to reckon with in the industry, competing with mega-companies such as Gucci.

Alejandro Betancourt is the mastermind behind The Hawkers association. He was born in Venezuela and attended Suffolk University in Boston from 1998 to 2006, where he studied business administration and economics. After his education, he worked as a director at various companies, including Frontera Energy Corporation. He later founded BDK Banque de Dakar in 2013 and Auro Travel in 2017.

After Alejandro Betancourt joined Hawkers in 2016, the company saw tremendous capital and overall success growth. He actively engaged a group of investors who raised Hawker’s capital to 56 million dollars, which was a big bust for the company’s kickoff. In addition, he negotiated partnerships with other companies in the same line, such as El Ganso boosted Hawker’s growth and popularity up to 86 percent.

This online enterprise is estimated at more than $70 million, thanks to Alejandro’s robust management style. This success is largely attributed to his interest in collaborating with celebrities who have endorsed and invested in the sunglasses. Hawkers is now a big brand in the industry, providing quality and cheaper sunglasses in the market.