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A Recognized Leader and Dedicated Philanthropist – John Ritenour

John Ritenour is an accomplished Insurance expert and philanthropist. John is the founder of IOA and has been responsible for the considerable growth of the company into a well-recognized insurance agency across the country. Through his leadership, the company has provided employment to hundreds of people and has opened up numerous locations across the country.

John Ritenour came from a humble background and built IOA from the ground up. John has had numerous successes with the company over the years. In addition, he works with the IOA foundation, which is dedicated to charitable endeavors across the country. John loves to give back to his community however he can. John Ritenour has a perfect track record of excellent leadership and guidance. He uses these same strategies to positively impact the community around him.

John believes in teamwork not only in the insurance industry but also within the community. He highlights this will help an individual grow and nature their talents with which they can use to earn some income. In addition, he notes that the IOA Foundation focuses on spreading their helping hand as far as they can and not only on how much money they can provide to the underprivileged in the community.

John Ritenour also showcased his goodwill in IOA, where he allowed insurance producers to be independent in order to allow them to be creative and produce desirable results. His main goal was to shape his own company in a different manner than other insurance companies in the country. John, through the IOA Foundation, holds the Corporate 5k event. An event that plays an instrumental role in bringing unity in the community by allowing people to interact and bond during the event. The event is geared to helping charitable organizations such as the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida and the Track Shack Youth Foundation.

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